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NTI University is the educational branch of the National Telecommuting Institute. Our focus is to provide self-paced and virtual instructor-led training courses designed to help you identify, develop and refine the essential traits and skills that our clients require of their home-based call center agents.

We'll provide the tools - but YOU are the key to your success!


  1. Enter the full email address you provided when you applied to NTI in the User Name field.
  2. Enter your Application ID (aka TBEID#) into the Password field.
  3. If this is your first time accessing NTI University, please scroll to the bottom of this page for web browser compatibility information.

Access a class you are currently enrolled in:

  1. Locate the Progress Reports block in the upper right of the NTI University Homepage.
  2. Click the Dashboard link.
  3. Click the class title link to access the homepage for your class. (You may need to toggle the Show Courses/Hide Courses button)

Note: Only the classes you are currently enrolled in will be linked.

Enroll in an instructor-led or self-paced course:

  1. Locate the Progress Reports block in the upper right of the NTI University Homepage.
  2. Click the + symbol in front of Learning Plan to expand the menu.
  3. Click the Curriculum Overview link to view the courses that are available to you. (You may need to toggle the Show/Hide button)
  4. Click Choose Class to the right of the course name to see a list of start times and dates, if applicable. All times listed are Eastern. (Self-paced courses do not have a start time or date)
  5. Click the Choose button to the left of the desired class.
  6. Click Continue when asked 'You are about to enroll yourself as a member of this course. Are you sure you wish to do this?' You will then be automatically directed to the homepage for the class.

Reminder: All start times listed for Instructor-led classes are Eastern.

Please adjust accordingly so that you join your session on-time. For instance, if the class begins at 11am Eastern and you are in the Mountain Time Zone, your class begins at 9am. For more information, please visit www.timeanddate.com.

NTI University Computer Compatibility Requirements


  • 1GHz (or faster) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
  • Recommended: 4GB
  • Minimum: 1GB
Free Hard Drive Space
  • Minimum: 15GB
Operating System
  • Recommended: Windows 7
  • Acceptable: Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X
  • NOT COMPATIBLE: Windows 2000, Windows 98
Web Browser
  • Recommended Primary: Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or 9 32-bit edition only, IE 10IE 9 or earlier includes two variations of IE; a 32-bit edition and a 64-bit edition. Click here to determine if you are using the 32 or 64-bit edition, or simply upgrade to version 10.
  • Recommended Alternate: Firefox (version 17 or newer)
  • Acceptable: Safari (NTIU Only)
  • NOT COMPATIBLE: Google Chrome, IE 64-bit edition.
    • While you may be able to access courses and activity links in NTIU using Google Chrome or a 64-bit edition of IE, your progress and testing results will not be tracked.
  • Current versions of Java and Flash.

Additional Considerations

  • Uninstall or disable web browser toolbars, i.e. Google Search, Yahoo, Bing etc.

While the Google Search Toolbar and others are useful, many are not. In fact, they may cause your system to bootup or run slow, open your system to virus or malware attacks, or allow your personal information to be compromised.

If your web browser looks like this, your computer is at risk!

Special Considerations for Windows 8 Users:

Microsoft Windows 8 does not support web browser plug-ins like Java if you launch a browser by clicking the icon on the Start screen. Therefore, you must first switch to the Desktop screen and then launch the web browser to activate Java.

For more, please see: http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/win8_faq.xml

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Picture of Brady Cole
JAVA Version 7
by Brady Cole - Thursday, May 31, 2012, 4:10 PM
Java Version 7 is not currently compatibile with our Typing Activities in the Introduction to NTI class. Please read and follow the instructions for the Typing Practice Pre-Work Assignment carefully!
Picture of Michelle Frederick
by Michelle Frederick - Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:59 PM

Please remember, all instructor led class times are scheduled in the EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE.  If your time zone is different, go to www.timeanddate.com for help converting your time to the Eastern Standard Time zone.